Targeted Email Marketing

Choose a package that suits you best, whatever your budget. We offer 3 separate targeted email marketing packages

Targeted Email Marketing

Get a full-fledged email marketing service for lead generation

Today, Email marketing is considered the quick, most adaptable, and affordable approach for attracting new customers and reaching new customers by promoting frequent website visits. Businesses may design personalised and targeted communications using email marketing. This could facilitate the development of meaningful connections with your customer base. Moreover, as a result, their direct marketing efforts' response rates may also increase. Spartan Marketing is prominently known as one of the best email marketing services in UK that offers effective email lead generation service.

Improve your sales opportunity with our email marketing

Email marketing maintains its status as the most efficient lead creation technique despite the appearance of various new solutions. Additionally, it is actively employed to keep current clients as well as draw in new ones. At Spartan Marketing, we are aware of how to contribute to our client's business growth by getting them quality leads.

For years, our business has retained its reputation as the top email marketing agency in UK, specialising in using email lead generation. Leads that will proceed through the business conversion funnel and turn into paying customers you can contact using the contact information they provide.

We have a sizable professional team that has proficiency in generating leads for email marketing. Each of our members is well-versed in obtaining B2B email leads. By working with our firm, you can be sure that your campaign will be successfully designed and managed. We only draw viewers that are interested. Contacting and developing trustworthy relationships with those who express interest in your goods or services is more valuable than investing in low-quality leads.

Targeted Email Marketing

Customer-centric email marketing approach

Email marketing is performance-based. So Spartan Marketing's team of experts working on your account would prepare a marketing list which entails people who voluntarily decided to receive your email communications. Genuinely interested customers are more likely to interact with your company's goods or services. The best thing about email marketing is that it offers a flexible messaging design option.

A client can choose to send plain text, graphics, or file attachments, depending on what best matches your goal. You have the flexibility to convey your company branding thanks to a variety of design alternatives. No denying email lead generation method is a scalable fit. A client can use this service to reach a large audience base or work on a small target list.

At Spartan Marketing, we make a custom-centric approach with email marketing for each of our clients. Email marketing services offer more personalization and segmentation processes than any other lead generation process. It allows you to customise the messages. In order to send your consumers messages they are interested in, you can segment your marketing list. This will increase your customers' engagement with your business.

People find it simple to forward and share the content of your emails, which helps you establish a solid reputation through viral marketing. This can persuade potential clients to support your business. You can use our email marketing process that is effective at any stage of your consumers' buying process, helping you with conversions and increased sales. Email marketing is predictable. Clients can use our web analytics software to assess their campaign's success.

Our Packages

Choose a package that suits you best, whatever your budget. We offer 3 separate targeted email marketing packages: – Blanket sends – Sends of 100K to opt in subscribers list – Guaranteed Sends – Continuous sends until an agreed amount of leads is reached, working, in principle off of a CPL. – Verified Sends – Voice verified, to comply contact information. & interest, prior to being passed across. With these methods, we can drive traffic through your website, or to a HMTL Landing page creative. You also get the added bonus of Real-Time lead delivery. Our email lists are set into over 24 subcategories. Targeting the right individual prospect. We also offer our clients either choices, of attaching a tracking pixel to existing artwork, or custom design your own bespoke creative from scratch. Email marketing will generate high quality leads, responding directly, to your investment terms.

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